Los Angeles HVAC Services

We can update, repair or replace all brands and models!

  • create a more temperature comfortable home
  • save money on your heating and cooling bills
  • benefit the environment by replacing your old system with a new, energy efficient one
  • release you from a future of expensive repair services

HVAC Services

A smart HVAC system will do wonders for your home and your wallet. When people think heating and air conditioning the first thing that comes to mind is high bills and, in some cases, put that fear above their own comfort. At TRC Remodeling we want to help you keep your electric bills low and breathe cleaner air.

Eco friendly HVAC for comfort

Maingreen Remodel & Construction can help you get the best HVAC upgrade for your home.

The Right Choice Remodeling is here to help you with all your remodeling needs. Upgrade your HVAC today, reduce your carbon footprint and start saving money!

Protect the environment

Updating your HVAC system pads your wallet and benefits the environment!

Less noise

Create a quieter space to work and relax at home.

Tax incentives

Enjoy tax breaks for your eco-friendly upgrades.

Comfort and control

Increase your home’s comfort by creating a temperature controlled environment.

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How does it work?

The Maingreen Remodel & Construction HVAC Services

Step 1 – You call us now to set up your FREE in home assessment and estimate.

Step 2 – One of our team members will show you the best options for your home’s specific needs.

Step 3 – Our expert installation teams begin work right away.

Step 4 – We make sure YOU are happy with your new HVAC and all the functionalities and money saving perks that come with it.

Rest Assured. Working with us is a GREAT decision.

With hundreds of happy customers, we know you will be satisfied with our work, our friendliness and our attention to detail. We are dedicated to making your dream home remodel a positive experience.


We offer free energy efficient consultations with one of our certified experts. We come to you at your earliest convenience.


We value honesty in life and business.


Maingreen Remodel & Construction is licensed and insured.


With rising energy costs, we can help you protect your spending and increase the value of your home.


We work with you every step of the way. We provide clear outlines on the scope of work necessary to meet your dream.